• Founded: 2002
  • Incorporated: 2006
  • Origin: proudly Canadian
  • Founder: Iman Pour Navab
  • Background: Natural Medicine Doctorate, Botanist, Homeopath 
  • Award: Executive Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine
  • Scope: Contract manufacturing, packaging and labeling services
  • Specialty: Liquid natural health products, oils, natural cosmetics
  • Licence: GMPs & ISO 9001 Quality Management certified facility




My name is Iman Pour Navab, founder of DYNAMISE®  ( 

I came up with this trademark in the year 2002 as I wanted to make effective, dynamized natural medicine, and to continue my father's journey.  

I studied natural medicine in a Canadian college for six years. I'm a master-herbalist, botanist and registered healthcare provider. I wrote two books, one is about "Miasma of Cancer", and the other one is called: "An Interview with Samuel Hahnemann". A free downloadable version of this book is available in the blog page. Visit the blog-page for a selection of my articles.




My grandfather (left image) was a strong advocate of using traditional herbal medicine, and this influenced his son. So at age thirteen my father (top image) began learning about medicine and compounding hands-on by working in a pharmacy.

​In the 1950’s he was collecting wild-crafted and organic plants for extraction. During the 1960’s my father opened his own pharmacy to provide prescription medications, and also to promote natural remedies and supplements. In this image on the top, my father is displaying Panax Ginseng Root Tincture in pharmacy.