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Liquid Extracts, Liquid Supplements, Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Skin & Hair Care Products

We do distillation, extractions, cosmetics



We do distillation and extractions for tinctures and essential oils from organic or wild-crafted plants. We also make natural self-care products including lotions, creams, butters, face-masks, hair oils and toners. 

Private Labelling


We take care of blending, filling, packaging and labeling, so you can focus on selling. 

We can also help you to source the packaging components. 

Vegan Ingredients


We use natural and plant-based ingredients, because we care!

Our Commitment

Our Quality Policy


Dynamise will provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. 

Our vision is to serve the Natural Health-Care industry worldwide by producing innovative natural health products. 

We accomplish our vision by producing scientifically-based products through research. We assure our customers for purity of our products through utilizing scientific methodologies and adhering to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices with continual improvement.  


Our Values


At Dynamise - we believe in mutual respect for everyone, and as well protecting rights of animals and environment!

In this life, nothing really belongs to us, even the air we breath must be exhaled.  

Therefore, our motto is: Do No Harm. 

We also believe that peace, compassion, harmony and health begins on our plate. Therefore we support vegan, organic and cruelty-free ingredients and products. 

Our Production


Our production steps and quality control  procedures are in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices as prescribed by the NNHPD of Health Canada and FDA. 

Our quality management system is integrated with GMPs, HACCP and ISO 9001 standards!

We conduct purity and ID tests at raw-material stage and examine every lot of finished product to ensure its safety, purity and efficacy before its release. We also provide Lab reports and Certificate of Analysis.     

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